Business Continuity

What is Business Continuity?

Keeping WM Housing Group operating under exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • A major incident resulting in evacuations/loss of use of significant office.
  • Failure of any essential systems.
  • Extreme and exceptional staffing crisis.
  • Any other unexpected event causing major disruption to operations.

  • All staff and visitors will be accounted for in working hours.
  • Lead/Duty Director will decide if Incident Management Team (IMT) should meet.
  • Appropriate actions implemented by ITM using the Business Continuity Plan.
  • Key staff will continue working, possibly in temporary accommodation.
  • Staff will be notified when emergency ends.
  • Be contactable away from the office by mobile, smartphone or home telephone (your manager should be aware of these contact details).
  • Follow the instructions cascaded to you including the need for you to contact the staff emergency contact number or refer to Group website.
  • If needed, work from a temporary location.
  • Await notification of normal operations resuming.

Please notify HR of any change in home address, telephone number and next of kin
Key contacts:

Business Continuity Manager & Facilities Management:

Telephone: 0121 329 0300 and 07984 978 881


Emergency staff info line: 0800 731 5443

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