Our developments

The homes we build, own and manage meet the highest standards and latest construction regulations to be:

  • safe and secure
  • sustainable
  • built using modern methods of construction
  • energy efficient
  • built to high standards
  • designed to be flexible if, for example, you or your family’s needs change

We’re known for our flexible and innovative approach to working with partners to deliver high quality homes and maximum value for all stakeholders.

Our Development team:

  • find suitable sites
  • obtain funding from a number of sources including government grant
  • secure planning permission
  • manage the design of new homes and estates
  • ensure a high quality of construction from commencement to completion
  • monitor customer satisfaction
  • market properties for shared ownership

WM Housing Group is a lead partner of the Spectrum Development Partnership, a consortium of independent housing associations working together to increase the supply of affordable housing in the West Midlands.


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