With an annual turnover of over £140 million, WM Housing Group is one of the largest and most successful housing groups in the Midlands.

We have a strong business plan and are committed to using our financial capacity to provide new homes, protect our property assets and continuously improve services for residents.

The Group has over £0.5bn of combined capital markets and bank debt and issued its second bond of £280 million on 20 October 2017.

For all investment and treasury enquiries, please contact:

Stuart Kellas
Group Director – Finance and Governance

Stuart is responsible for the Group’s debt and also for the delivery of the Group’s finance, risk, insurance and company secretarial services.

Contact Stuart by email



Gary Booth
Director of Finance – Treasury

Gary is responsible for the Group’s treasury function and also for the long-term financial plans for each of the Group’s asset-owning subsidiaries.

Contact Gary by email

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