Proposals to amalgamate WM Housing Group and introduce new brand

Over the last year we have been on a journey of defining how we can improve the homes and services we offer to our customers.

We’re proposing to make some important changes to our organisation to continue to drive this.

On 5 November 2018 our Boards approved a proposal for us to consult our residents and stakeholders on two important changes.

We want to:

1.    Bring our five Group landlords together into one organisation. We are referring to this as ‘amalgamating’ the organisations.

2.    Revise our branding and name. If proposal one goes ahead, then the amalgamated landlord would have a new name and brand. We will be considering a new name and brand for our Group even if we decide not to move forward with the amalgamation.

The consultation period for these changes closed on 11 January 2019.

We will update this page with progress.

Below is more information about the consultation, why we are proposing to make these changes and more information on how you can give your views.

What does this mean for residents?

It would have little or no practical impact.

The new, single organisation would be registered as a housing association with the same charitable objectives.

Residents’ rent and tenancy agreement or lease would stay the same.

They would have exactly the same statutory rights and would receive services in the same way.

The only impact they would see is that our name and logo would change, if we decided to go ahead with the rebranding, and we would communicate with residents about this before this happens.

Why are you proposing this?

Maintaining five landlords in the Group which carry out similar functions is a costly and inefficient practice. Bringing them together into one organisation would allow us to make significant savings which could be re-invested into the services we offer.

We think the move to a single organisation requires a fresh start with a new name and identity and that this is an ideal time to launch that. We are still absolutely focused on our local communities and will be continuing to improve how we listen to residents.

What would this mean for how the organisation is governed?

Becoming one organisation would mean there would be one Board for the whole business supported by special arrangements for our treasury, commercial and development activities.

Our tenants would continue to provide scrutiny and challenge to the Board and executives through our Local Stakeholder Boards in each of our significant areas of operation (Coventry, Birmingham and Hereford/Worcester).

When would this all happen?

Over the next few months we are asking tenants, leaseholders, partners and stakeholders for their views on the proposals.

The results will be reported to our Board in February 2019 where a decision will be taken on whether to amalgamate and whether to rebrand.

If the process is completed as planned then the new single, rebranded organisation would be launched in summer 2019.

How do I contribute my views?

We will consider the views from the consultation before the Board makes any final decision on whether the proposals should proceed, be changed, or not go ahead at all.

You can contribute your views by emailing or via our Customer Service Centre.

You can contribute your views by emailing or via our Customer Service Centre.

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