Get involved

Our customers know what it’s like to actually live in our homes and use our services, so they are in the best position to help us shape, influence, and monitor the services that we provide.

We are looking for people who would like to work in partnership with us to influence the way our services are delivered and help us improve our services for the benefit of all residents.

No special skills or qualifications are required and we will support you to be involved by providing training and support, covering travel and childcare costs, and seeking to arrange meetings and activities at times that suit you.

It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated and if you want to get involved you can be sure of a warm, friendly welcome and the support of a team who really want to work with you.

Each partner association has slightly different approaches to customer involvement and you can see exactly what they do by using the links to their detailed information below. But each association in WM Housing Group has:

  • A scrutiny panel – a group of residents who conduct a detailed review into an area of service delivery about which customers or staff have raised concerns. By scrutinising the service, customers provide feedback and their recommendations to the local association in the form of a report to the Board and an action plan to improve the service which has been agreed with Senior Managers from the Local Association. The Panel then hold the Local Association to account to check the agreed action plan is implemented.
  • Customer panels – a group (or groups) of residents who meet once every 3 months to find out about key issues and plans for  delivery which impact on the services customers receive. This is a key opportunity for staff to consult with customers in forming their plans and proposals and take customers views into account in order to improve services for all residents.
  • Mystery shoppers – customers who are trained up to ‘mystery shop’ the services we provide so that we can get a real insight into what is working well and what needs to be improved.
  • Contract monitors – customers who are trained up to help Local Associations monitor the delivery of key contracts such as Grounds Maintenance, gardening, communal cleaning.

Some of the local associations also have:

  • Specific groups for leaseholders,
  • Environmental improvement groups who discuss applications for small grants to deliver projects that improve the environment in areas where we have housing.
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