The customer led Scrutiny Panel is a way to get involved at a strategic level and provides the opportunity for our customers to challenge the performance of the Group, influence change in strategies, policies and drive forward improvements in services.

What a customer led Scrutiny Panel does

The customer led Scrutiny Panel provides an independent view of how well we are delivering our services by examining and scrutinising the services from a customer’s perspective and making recommendations on how best to improve the services.

We support the purpose and benefits of customer led scrutiny widely and demonstrate the benefits of scrutiny to improve services for all customers. Working within an agreed framework including terms of reference and code of conduct, the Scrutiny Panel will be delegated responsibility by the Board to establish priorities for scrutiny, oversee scrutiny activities, collect evidence and compile reports. The Board will consider the findings and recommendations from the Scrutiny Panel and will agree jointly an action plan to bring about improvements.

We promote skills, training and development opportunities required for the role, to customers who take part in a Scrutiny Panel. There is a recruitment and selection process based on a set of competencies and skills supported by an induction programme.


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