Disability equality group (DEG)

WM Housing Group is committed to equalityof treatment for all of our customers regardless of whether they have adisability or learning difficulty.

The Disability Equality Group (DEG) is made up of Nexus andKemble disabled customers and carers. It is dedicated to the needs of disabledpeople and its role is to challenge and support us inconsidering ways in which we might be able to improve the way that we respondto the diverse needs of our disabled customers. 

Working closely with staff, the DEG helps to ensurethat we take disability seriously and prevents discrimination and disadvantagein the planning, consultation, delivery and review of our services andprovision of homes.  

The DEG meets every two months with meetings rotating betweenHereford and Worcester. It is open to customers who identify with or have aninterest in disability issues.

For more information on this group, please contact our Customer Involvement team on 0300 7906 555 or getinvolved@wmhousing.co.uk‚Äč

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