Get involved with West Mercia Homes

Scrutiny panel –  Their 3rd scrutiny review covered anti-social behaviour and the way West Mercia Homes handles reports of it. The panel has 6 active members and are keen for more residents to join them.

Customer panel – meets every 3 months to discuss our services, performance, key issues and consider proposals for new approaches.

Disability equality group – the group is made up of West Mercia Homes disabled customers and carers. It is dedicated to the needs of disabled people and its role is to challenge and support us in considering ways in which we might be able to improve the way that we respond to the diverse needs of our disabled customers.

Environmental improvement group – considers and decides on grant applications from the community to improve their areas.

Mystery shoppers – will be being re-introduced and we are seeking customers who are interested in checking out our services to give us feedback so we can improve our service delivery.

If you’d like to find out more or want to get involved please contact or call us on 0300 7906 531.

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