Communal services

If you live in a property with communal areas we are usually responsible for gardening, cleaning and window cleaning.

The services we provide may be different for some estates.Customers can usually expect grounds to be kept to the following standards:

  • Grass should be maintained at a height of between 20mm – 60 mm.
  • All litter will be removed
  • Flower beds and planters will be left tidy and weed free
  • Hard standings will be free from litter, fallen fruit and weeds
  • Hedges that are our responsibility will be cut every year. This is normally done between October and March
  • Shrubs will be cut at least twice a year depending on the type
  • Trees with low level overhanging branches will be cut back where they grow in communal areas

Weeds are usually sprayed then left to die and then removed. If they are too large to spray they may be strimmed and then sprayed.

Spraying will only be undertaken by a trained person.

Across our estates there are around 10,000 trees.

Tree maintenance may range from simple pruning or cutting back to the felling of trees.

Surveys will be carried out and all trees will be tagged. These surveys help identify what condition the trees are in and how they will be maintained.

If you see a dangerous tree in your area then please contact your housing office.

Where there are communal windows in blocks of flats these will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Most window cleaners today use the wash and reach system. This enables them to clean windows without the use of ladders.

Whilst doing the work the window cleaner should ensure that they do not damage any planted areas.

Where we carry out communal cleaning, the following will be a guideline:

  • Communal cleaning is usually done weekly
  • Carpeted floors will be vacuumed
  • Uncarpeted floors will be brushed, vacuumed or mopped
  • Internal communal doors will be wiped down and glass cleaned
  • Internal glazed windows, panels and frames will be cleaned
  • Paint work will be wiped down
  • Communal lifts will be cleaned and surfaces wiped
  • Electrical sockets and switches will also be wiped down and cleaned
  • Ledges, pipes and trunking will be wiped down and cleaned
  • This may not be apply to all areas. For details on your individual scheme contact your housing officer.

If you have large items of rubbish, such as furniture, that you cannot take to a local refuse centre yourself, you must not leave these in communal areas.

Customers in Coventry and Birmingham can arrange for their landlord to remove these items for a small fee.

Customers in Hereford and Worcester will need to contact their local council to arrange for these to be removed. There is a cost for these services.

Customers leaving items in communal areas will be charged for their removal. Where we cannot identify the customer, we will charge all customers as part of the service charge.

Our contractors work to clear standards. Our staff carry out regular checks to make sure that they are following these standards.

If you are you interested in helping us monitor services contact us. We have a process where customers can help us check the quality of work. All customer monitors are trained and receive a monitoring pack from us.

We take pride in our estates and want our customers to take pride in them too. Although we regularly check standards of our sites we need your help. You can help by not dropping litter or leaving other rubbish lying around. More importantly telling us about any problems you see.

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