My tenancy

When you become a customer you must sign a tenancy agreement. This is a legal contract that sets out your rights and responsibilities so please keep these in a safe place.

If you break the conditions of your tenancy we will try to help you. If the problem continues you risk losing your home as we may have to take legal action to end your tenancy.

If you have any questions about your tenancy agreement please contact us.

If you want to share your home we do offer joint tenancies. This means all the rights and responsibilities are shared. All customers named on the agreement are responsible for paying the rent in full. If one of the joint tenants leaves the property the full rent is still due.

We understand that circumstances change. If one person no longer wants to be a joint tenant, or if you want to have a joint agreement, please contact us to talk about your options.

We understand that dealing with the loss of anyone is difficult and there’s a lot to think about. However, we must be told about the death of a tenant as soon as possible.

We may be able to pass the tenancy on to someone else. This is known as succession. Details about this are in the tenancy agreement. The law of succession can be very complicated. Please contact us and we can guide you through the process.

The right of succession only applies once. If someone has already taken over the tenancy there is no further right to succeed to a tenancy. We will consider each case sympathetically and in line with our policy and procedures.

We hope you will be happy in your new home for many years to come, but we know that you may need or want to move at some time.

If you wish to end your tenancy you must give us notice in writing. The notice period is usually one month depending on your type of tenancy. Please check your tenancy agreement as this is a condition of your tenancy.

Visit the exchanges and transfers page if you are interested in a transfer or a mutual exchange.

How to terminate your tenancy

If you want to leave the housing association completely then you must give us four weeks’ notice. This must start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday.

After we have received the notice your housing officer will arrange a visit. If there are any repairs that need to be done before you leave these will be arranged. They will also talk to you about the reasons you are leaving and your experience as a customer. This will help us to improve our services. They will discuss your rent account and make arrangements with you to clear any arrears before you leave. If you pay by direct debit we will tell you what needs to be paid on your next payment and when you should cancel it. This also applies to standing orders.

Applying for a transfer

You may be able to apply for a transfer to another of our properties. The priority you are given will depend on

  • the area that you live,
  • the availability of stock
  • any local policies about how property is allocated

We cannot always re-house tenants due to demand and availability of some popular property types.

Swap your home

A good way of moving home is to find another tenant to swap with. They could be a tenant of ours, a tenant of another housing association or a council.  For more information visit our exchanges and transfers page

You must never swap homes with another person without written consent from your landlord.

Useful websites

Returning all keys

All keys must be handed back to the association by 12 noon on the Monday following the Sunday end date. You must all return any communal keys, fobs and letter box keys. You must return the same number of fobs and keys that you were given as well as any others you may have.

If you do not return the correct number of keys we will charge you for their replacement.

If you do not return the keys by 12 noon on the Monday we will continue to charge you rent until they are returned.

If we have to change the locks because you have not returned your keys you will be charged for this work.

What condition do I need to leave my home in?

Remove all your belongings and dispose of any unwanted items or rubbish at your local authority refuse centre. Any items left in your home will be removed and you may be charged for their storage or disposal. Any damage to the property must be repaired. All tenant fitted floor coverings including underlay, beading and gripper rods must be removed. You must empty your loft, sheds, garage and outhouses. The decoration in your home should be good, clean, undamaged and mark free. If you have a garden it must be tidy, this includes being free from litter. Any sheds, patios and decking that you have built needs to be removed. Any damage that is more than fair wear and tear you will be charged for.

Fixtures and fittings

Any fixtures and fittings provided with your home such as fires, showers must be left when you move. If any of these items are removed then we will recharge you for their replacement.

Alterations and improvements to your home

If you have carried out any improvements or alterations to your home with permission then you may be eligible for compensation.

If you have made improvements without permission then you must restore the property to its original standard before you leave.

Gas and electric

Please leave any meter keys or cards at the property and tell your current supplier your final meter readings.

To help the next customer please let us know who your suppliers are by providing it to your housing officer at your exit visit or email us at

Housing Benefit

If you are claiming Housing Benefit you must tell them the date you plan to leave. You will not be eligible for Housing Benefit after this date unless your move is delayed and you have told them.

Contents insurance scheme

If you have contents insurance, please make sure this is cancelled or transferred to your new address.


It is your responsibility to make arrangements and tell everyone that you are moving. The post office does have a scheme to redirect your post but there is a cost. For more information ask at your local post office or call 03457 740 740. There will be lots of people / organisations that you will need to contact. Below is a list which you may find useful.

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council tax
  • Gas / electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone provider
  • TV Licensing
  • Employer
  • Benefit Agency
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension provider
  • Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
  • Car insurance
  • Schools / nurseries
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Credit cards
  • Banks / building societies
  • Friends and relatives
  • Loyalty card companies

If a tenant has died please call us on 0300 7906 555 for more information on what you need to end the tenancy or find out about succeeding the tenancy.

We will need to know who the executor to the estate is. Debts will need to be paid from any estate the person has left. If there is no estate please let us know as soon as possible.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit will stop the Sunday after someone has passed away. This will have an effect on the rent being paid. We may not be able to give you an accurate figure for the final account for several weeks after the tenancy has terminated. We will need to wait for final Housing Benefit payments.

Credit on the account

If the deceased was claiming Housing Benefit we will need to complete some checks before any credit can be refunded.

The credit will need to be refunded to the estate. If there is no estate we will need agreement from all concerned about who the cheque should be made payable to.


If the person who passed away rented a garage we will need to complete a separate notice for this.

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