Tenancy changes

There are many reasons why your tenancy agreement may need to be changed.

  • We may need to add new services.
  • You may have changed your name,
  • You may like someone added to or taken from the agreement,
  • Someone has passed away.

Your agreement can only be changed with agreement from both of us.

We must follow our procedure when making changes.

If you want to make a change to your tenancy agreement you will need to contact us on 0300 7906 555

If we need to add new services we will talk to you about these changes, this is called consultation.

Following the consultation if we need to introduce the new change we will issue a document called a notice of variation.

The date on the notice is the start date of the change. Any new charge would be added to the service costs and will be reviewed every year.

To update your details you will need to write to us with the details of your name change with a copy of the official documentation. Please do not send the original documents as we will not be able to return them.

We will contact you to let you know that the change has been made.

No, this would not automatically add any additional parties to the agreement.

I want to add someone onto my tenancy agreement

Adding someone to your tenancy agreement is an important decision. If you add someone else to the tenancy agreement they take on the same rights and responsibilities as you.

If you want to make any changes to the agreement you would both have to agree to the changes. This includes removing either of you from the agreement.

If you want to add someone to your tenancy agreement you would need to write to us with their name, age, sex and relationship to you. They should have lived with you for at least 12 months before asking for them to be added. We would not usually turn down a request as long as there have been no major tenancy breaches and there are no rent arrears.

We would generally not agree to intergenerational tenancies.

Where there has been an amendment to your tenancy agreement and you are in receipt of housing benefit or other benefits you must let the benefits agency know as this could affect your benefits.

We can only remove someone’s name from the agreement if they agree or there is a court order.

Where a married couple is divorcing as part of the divorce proceedings the court can declare whos name the tenancy should be made into.

If both people agree you will need to contact us and ask for the changes to be made.

If you cannot agree who will take over the tenancy we will not be able to make any changes and it will stay in both your names. If one of you decides to leave but is still named on the tenancy agreement you are still legally responsible. This includes being responsible for any rent arrears.

If you have an assured tenancy the answer is usually yes. As long as the tenancy has been conducted well and there are no rent arrears.

If you have an assured short hold tenancy then you will not be able to exchange.

We understand it is very difficult when someone dies and we will try to do what wecan to help.

Your right to take on the tenancy would depend on the type of tenancy the deceased held.  We would also consider how long you have lived there and your relationship to the tenant. We would also see if there had been any other changes to the tenancy. We call this process succession.

Each tenancy has only one right of succession. Where there is a joint tenant they automatically succeed the tenancy. This counts as one succession and there can be no more automatic successions.

If there are no more automatic succession rights but the family are still living at the property we will consider their case. This will be done only if you have lived there for at least 12 months. If you are offered the tenancy we may ask you to move to a different property if the one you are in is too big for your needs.

If the tenancy was in one name and there have been no other successions then the remaining occupiers might have the right to succeed. Call us to talk about your rights.

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