Tenancy Plus annual report 2016-2017

The highlights

The last year has been a busy one for the team.

This page contains the highlights from our year.  You can read our report in full and see some great pictures of our work in our Tenancy Plus annual report 2016-2017. If you’d like to find out more about any of our projects or would like to get involved please contact communityinvolvementteam@wmhousing.co.uk or call us on 0300 7906 560

Meet the team











From left to right

Dionne Gherasim, Andy Bishop, Mark Bromhead, Jo Lea, June O’Brien, Manny Chopra and Bhavna Ladwa.

What do we do?

  • Assist you to claim the right benefits
  • Find the right energy supplier and refer you to our energy adviser
  • Manage health issues including mental health and addictions
  • Find a care package that works for you
  • Help you look for work
  • Budgeting and furnishing your home

Highlights from the last year in figures

  • 97% satisfaction rate
  • Assisted 368 customers
  • Supported 76 customers in their first tenancy
  • Reduced rent arrears by £11,038.04
  • Supported 180 customers with on-going health conditions
  • Referred 61 customers to Family Optima’s employment adviser

Working with elderly customers

Alan is a resident at Chiswick House with limited vision. June arranged for Focus, an organisation who works with the visually impaired to look at aids to enable him to carry on living in his flat both independently and safely.

Floating support

Katie is an elderly lady diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her illness means that she often forgets to pay her bills and she keeps herself isolated in her flat. She is also a hoarder and has been living in unsafe conditions as she can’t move around properly.

We are now visiting Katie on a weekly basis to help her with paying her bills and making sure she is engaging with people, including her doctor and the district nurse. With these regular visits we are also assessing her hoarding situation to ensure it doesn’t get out of control and she keeps clear walkways at all times.

New starter

Sheldon is a 50 year old man who had spent his life living in hostels. He is HIV positive. He was given a tenancy with Family Optima but moved in without furniture or any means of support.

We arranged an emergency package from City Mission for three months. This package included furniture, bedding and a food parcel. We also arranged a benefit check and obtained a rebate on his council tax.

OK Today telephone service

The OK Today telephone service was introduced in February 2017 for all residents who are designated as living in housing for older people.

This is a free service for residents as costs are covered by Housing Benefit or the company supplying the service.

Doris presses her OK Today button on her phone at an agreed time every day. This automatically sends a message to the call centre to let them know that they are safe and well.

If Doris does not press her button, the call centre staff will ring their named contact or the Tenancy Plus team to do a “safe and well” check.

“The service makes me feel safe. It’s a bit like having a warden knock the door but it’s at a time that suits me. They even ring me up to wish me Happy Birthday!”

This service also allows Family Optima to send out quick messages or reminders to residents such as information about resident meetings, events, power cuts or planned repairs starting in their area.

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