Tenancy Plus

Tenancy Plus is a new way of making sure that, as a West Mercia Homes customer, you get the best from us as your landlord and, in return you understand your responsibilities for your home and the community in which you live.

We’re asking everyone who wants to become a West Mercia Homes customer to sign up to this new scheme to ensure successful management of tenancies.

In return we’ll do our bit as a landlord to maintain your home to a good standard, deliver a great service and offer you additional necessary services.

What are the benefits of Tenancy Plus?

We’re in business to help our customers and communities thrive and we offer a range of support services to help achieve that.

You may want to improve your health, bring more money in, learn new skills or get involved in the community. Whatever your circumstances and aspirations are we will support you to help meet them.

Is the programme for everyone?

We will meet with all our new customers to discuss the level of support, if any, that is appropriate. Some people will need very little, some will need a lot and it will change over time. We’re here to help if and when you need us. This opportunity will also be available for existing customers who also need some additional support.

Whether or not customers need our support, though, we will expect all of our customers to meet their side of their tenancy agreement.

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