Baroness Jenkin says ‘yes’ to Herefordshire Youngsters

SHYPP foyer residents Sophie Tinton and Sophie Tustin posting the letter.



Monday, 12 January 2015 

Young people in Herefordshire’s Supported Housing for Young People Project, SHYPP, are looking forward to a visit from Baroness Jenkin, a member of the House of Lords, after they invited her to a ‘Come Dine With Me’ night to prove that poor people can cook

The invitation came in the form of an open letter to Baroness Jenkin of Kennington in December 2014, after she commented that one of the main causes of food poverty was that “poor people do not know how to cook”

She made the remark, which she has since apologised for, at the launch of Feeding Britain, a report funded by the Church of England which looks into the causes behind the rapid rise in the amount of people using foodbanks to feed themselves and their families.

Alicia Lawrence, project manager at SHYPP, said: “Lady Jenkin’s response was really positive. She was very impressed by the innovative work we do to support young people and we were impressed by her commitment and knowledge of the issues around food poverty.’   

Over the summer, SHYPP ran a series of ‘Come Dine with Me’ evenings across its three foyers. As well as learning how to cook for large numbers on a budget, the young people involved also gained formal hygiene qualifications.   

Sophie Tinton, 19, said: “We’d really like to be able to set a date for Lady Jenkin to join us for dinner.  She took part in the Live Below the Line Challenge in 2012 in which participants spend 5 days feeding themselves on a budget of just £1. There would be plenty of tips we could swap after her experience.”  

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