Deputy chief exec goes back to the floor

Police sergeant Tony Ashton talks to Kevin Rodgers about crime and anti-social behaviour in Coventry


Thursday, ?12 September 2013 

The deputy chief executive of a Coventry housing association was evicted from his office this week in aid of a colleague who has been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition.

Kevin Rodgers, deputy chief executive of WM Housing Group, which Whitefriars Housing is part of, allowed himself to be auctioned off to the highest department bidder and was scooped up by the Whitefriars Anti-Social-Behaviour team, ASB4, to spend the day as part of the award-winning unit.

ASB4 staff had arranged the charity auction as a way of raising money for Coventry-based colleague and mother of two, Joanna Henderson. More than £3,000 was raised through the auction and other activities, which paid for her to be sent on a luxury family holiday to Spain.

Throughout his day as an anti-social behaviour officer Kevin was involved in a number of the team’s routine operations, including serving an eviction notice and investigating tenancy fraud. He also met with local police sergeant Tony Ashton, at Willenhall Police Station, who briefed him on the issues faced by the force.

Kevin said: “What really stood out for me was just how hard-working and skilled the staff are. They are continuously faced with tricky situations and I was stunned by the commitment they showed to understanding each individual circumstance.

“From an office it is often easy to forget just how complex and challenging the issues are that staff members deal with every day. I would recommend any senior executive to spend some time going back to the floor, because it is educational.”

Holidaymaker Joanna added: “I was blown away by the generosity of my work mates.  When we found out that I wasn’t eligible for a heart transplant we were really down and needed a break, but we had no money.  The funds that my colleagues raised gave us the chance to have two weeks together as a family to build up good memories.  I can’t say thank you enough to the guys at Whitefriars.”

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