Family Optima garden competition

Congratulations to the winners, and to everyone who entered the Family Optima gardening competition. Our gardening competition gives us the opportunity to recognise and reward those customers who keep their gardens looking good and support us in making our communities greener and creating places where people are proud to live.

Competition winner, Mr Day said, “I take pride in making our garden looking attractive because it creates a nice environment to sit in with a cup of tea especially when you come back from work.

“It’s rewarding to be acknowledged for the hard work and get positive comments from people when they come around.

“I will use the vouchers to buy hanging baskets and I am thinking of creating a beach garden with some deck chairs. I hope many residents will be inspired because if everybody does a bit, then it helps to improve the area.”

Runner up Mrs Whitton said, “We feel that keeping your garden looking good will encourage others in the neighbourhood to do so, enhancing the wider neighbourhood.

“I will use the vouchers to make the garden look even better and enter the competition again next year.”

To enter our Gardening Competition 2018, please register your interest by emailing us at