New Government funding for housing ‘a very positive step’

WM Housing has welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, of a £2bn package to build new affordable homes.

In a speech today Mrs May told the National Housing Federation Summit that the funding would give housing associations long-term security to deliver tens of thousands of new homes at affordable and social rent.

Kevin Rodgers, Group Chief Executive for WM Housing, said: “We welcome the announcement by the Prime Minister today that there will be a long-term package of funding available to fund the building of a significant number of new homes at affordable and social rent.

“Given the scale of the housing crisis, the effects of which are felt strongly in our communities here in the Midlands, it is clear that we need to ramp up our building of affordable homes as quickly as possible and sustain that delivery well into the future.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment to make more funding available for housing associations represents a very positive step to help us to deliver the homes that we need.”