New strategic partnership deal will see us ramp up delivery of affordable homes

We can today announce a major new deal which will see us ramp up our delivery of affordable homes from 400 to 550 a year.

After successful negotiations we have secured a deal with the Matrix Housing Partnership, led by Accord Housing Association and made up of Midlands-based housing associations, to deliver 680 homes over the course of the next three years.

Matrix was announced as a strategic partner with Homes England back in July 2018, securing £77million of funding to deliver 2,257 additional new homes by March 2022.

The deal will see us build 680 of the new homes. It will ramp up our delivery of affordable homes to 550 a year – nearly double what we were building just three years ago.

Including our for homes delivered through Signature New Homes, this will take our total development up to 650 a year.

Nick Byrne, our Executive Director of Development, said: “We are delighted to have come to this agreement with Matrix Housing Partnership which will see a significant increase in our affordable development programme from 400 to 550 homes a year – more than double the amount we were building just three years ago.

“Matrix Housing Partnership is absolutely the right partner for us to be working with because it is made up of organisations we already have great relationships with in our region.

“This deal means that we can build a significant number of new homes as part of the strategic partnership and have the flexibility to continue to pursue other opportunities to acquire land and up our build programme.

“Our first pilot of modular housing is happening in Coventry this year and we will consider how we can use offsite manufactured homes from Accord’s LoCal Homes factory for some of the new homes we deliver as part of the partnership.”

Chris Handy, Chief Executive at Accord Housing Association, the lead partner of Matrix Housing Partnership, said: “We are delighted to announce that WM Housing has agreed to join our New Ways of Working programme, to support Matrix’s commitment to build over 3,700 new affordable homes in the West Midlands and beyond. Successful partnerships, such as this, are integral for us to develop our strategic goals across the West Midlands and deliver on the significant growth opportunities to meet the needs of our customers who live in affordable housing.”

Jackie Jacob, General Manager for Affordable Housing Programmes at Homes England, added: “Our strategic partnership with Matrix, led by Accord, will deliver much-needed affordable homes for local people, so we’re pleased that WM Housing has come on board as a partner. This is great news for the West Midlands.”