New year, new plans


The New Year is often a time to take better control of our lives and get our finances back on track.

Here are some of our top tips: 

  • From Wednesday, 20 January take the WM World challenge and make a difference in 2016.
    WM World is made up of two zones, each filled with tasks to help you improve your finances or help you on your way if you’re job hunting. Find out more by watching the video.
  • Budget your money so you know how much is coming in and being paid out
  • Pay your rent and other priority debts – don’t risk losing your home, not paying court fines or utilities being cut off
  • Borrow money from Credit Unions, not loan sharks, or other lenders who have high interest rates
  • Keep to the payments you have promised
  • Switch to cheaper deals for your gas, electric, store cards or telephone provider
  • Get online – Save with direct debit payments and online shopping
  • Check your bank account is right for you and offers what you need for overdrafts or interest payments
  • If you are struggling to pay your rent or need help with your money, please contact us on 0300 7906 555

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