Nexus and Kemble are joining forces to become West Mercia Homes

We are very pleased to announce that as from 1 April 2017 Nexus and Kemble are joining together to become one organisation called West Mercia Homes Ltd. Plans to bring Nexus and Kemble together have been in place for some time now. We already have the same staff members working across both organisations and we provide the same services.

We can now go ahead with the move as we have talked to involved customers and received full Board approval.

 What this means for you:

We believe that as we join forces we will become stronger and our customers will benefit as a result.

You will see very little difference in the way we provide our services as many are currently provided by the same staff members. The main change will be the change of name. You will be notified of any changes that affect you directly.

Watch this space for further updates.