Supporting young homeless people in Herefordshire

It’s the final day for Community Impact Week and we have chosen to highlight some of the work provided by our Supported Housing for Young People Project (SHYPP).

We have chosen SHYPP as today is the opening launch of a new personal transitions service to help young people follow their dreams and aspirations. They also recently had a very successful #WhereAmI? exhibition.

SHYPP provides 16 – 25 year olds across Herefordshire with housing, training and employment opportunities. We provide a range of accommodation suitable for young people at different stages of their lives including foyer accommodation, move on flats, shared houses and supported lodgings.

SHYPP also provides a number of innovative projects to help young people get back on their feet and realise their potential.

New personal transitions service

Today marks the provision of a new service to help young people follow their dreams.

Alicia Lawrence Head of SHYPP said: ‘We are really excited to be launching our new personal transitions service which is part of a partnership project with the May Day Trust. We want young people to be inspired and realise that they do have opportunities and exciting potential.”

“With our opening event in Hereford, guest speakers talked about how they changed their lives around, including Paul Oz, an explosive successful artist originally from Herefordshire who returned to share his experiences.


The #WhereAmI? exhibition was created by 11 young people accessing mediaSHYPP. Through art, the young people produced a visual arts display of their personal life experiences and where they see themselves in the future, as well as bringing attention to contemporary issues such as youth homelessness.

Kie Cummings of mediaSHYPP said: “We developed the concept earlier in the year following our last exhibition which focused on our connection to the earth and environment as a way to tell personal stories.  This time young people were challenged to think about their past, present and future, either on a personal level or collectively, the results speak for themselves.”

Chantelle, one of the young artists, said: “By doing this project I have gained more confidence in myself. For me the highlight of the project was being able to express my feelings through a painting and to then get the opportunity to display and share that piece with the public.”

Visit SHYPP for more information.