WM Housing Group officially joins Matrix Housing Partnership allowing the organisation to increase affordable housing

Earlier this year WM Housing Group announced a major new deal with the Matrix Housing Partnership.

This deal will allow the organisation to increase the delivery of affordable homes from 400 to 550 per year.

The £23m deal allows WM Housing Group to build 680 homes over the next three years.

Off the back of this deal, today, WM Housing Group have officially become a member of the Matrix Housing Partnership.

The partnership is a group of nine social landlords who manage more than 100,000 homes across the Midlands.

The partnership has been in existence for 16 years and last year it signed a strategic partnership agreement with Homes England worth £77m to provide 2,257 homes.

Chief Executive of WM Housing, Kevin Rodgers, said: “Joining Matrix Housing is a great move for us and makes sense after we agreed to deliver 680 homes earlier this year in the strategic partnership with Homes England.

“We have great relationships with other organisations in our region and now we have joined the Matrix housing Partnership we can work even closer with them.”

The Matrix Housing Partnership has committed to build 3,700 additional new affordable homes by March 2022.