Hate crime

Hate crime is motivated by prejudice against someone’s racial heritage, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or disability. A hate crime incident is one which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by prejudice. Examples of hate crime include: graffiti, offensive literature, assault, objects being thrown at people or property, verbal abuse, intimidation. Harassment is a criminal offence and there are specific laws against racially motivated violence, abuse and harassment.

We view racial harassment and other forms of hate crime, such as homophobic harassment, as a serious breach of our Tenancy and Lease Agreements. This means that where such incidents are brought to our attention we will treat them as urgent and make contact with the person reporting the incident within 1 working day of receipt of the report.

If you have suffered, or have witnessed any incident of hate crime REPORT IT! You can report to the police or to us.

We will investigate all reports of hate crime and we will talk to you in private to assess the situation. Depending on your circumstances, we will usually arrange for a visit or interview to take place within 1 working day. In very serious cases we will arrange to see you straight away.

Should you require a translation or interpretation service, we can provide these services at any one of our housing offices. During the interview, we will listen to you, discuss the details of your case with you and agree a plan of action with you. We will assess with you any support requirements you may have for example the loan of a mobile phone, a life line alarm or CCTV.

We will continue to support you and to keep you informed throughout about the progress of your case. We may, with your permission, refer your case to another agency to try and help resolve your situation.

We will investigate all reports professionally and objectively. Where it is appropriate and possible, we will take action against the person identified as harassing you, but only with your agreement.

Depending on your wishes we can:

  • Interview or write to the person harassing you and instruct them to stop.
  • Take legal action against them such as an injunction or an antisocial behaviour order to prevent them from coming near you or your home and from causing you any further problems.
  • If the person responsible is one of our tenants, we may take them to court and ask for them to be evicted.


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