Please read our process summary and our points to remember below.

  1. Claims should be submitted to a member of WM Housing staff, who will refer the claim to the claims investigator. We will only investigate claims for incidents and events that have occurred within the last 12 months. We will not reinvestigate any claim that has already been concluded by ourselves or by any insurer working on our behalf.
  2. Claims will be acknowledged directly to the claimant by the claims investigator, and basic advice on compensation and insurance claims must be provided.
  3. We will try to complete our investigations and provide the claimant with an outcome of their claim within 20 working days. In cases where this is not possible, we will update the claimant and keep them informed.
  4. During the investigation, we will be seeking information from all relevant areas of the business, and reserve the right to contact the claimant to request further information. We expect to receive any information requested within 12 weeks.
  5. Decisions on claims will be based solely on whether WM Housing was liable for whatever circumstances led to the claim.
  6. Information on the claimant and the claim will be recorded and kept for evaluation purposes, and may be used for policy and process development in the future.
  7. All claim decisions must be made in writing to the claimant.
  8.  If we decide to pay your claim, we will calculate the appropriate level of compensation.
  9. The value of the claims are non-negotiable. No offers or counter-offers can be made between WM Housing and the claimant.
  10. Before any payments can be made, an indemnity discharge form must be signed by the claimant and returned to us.  We would expect this to be completed and returned to us within 12 weeks. A confirmation of payment details form may also be required depending on payment method.
  11. WM Housing Group reserve the right to use any compensation payments calculated to reduce or repay any outstanding debt that the claimant owes. The preferred payment method for amounts in excess of any debt outstanding is BACS transfer. Payment by cheque will also be considered at the claimant’s request.
  12. When denying a claim, we will always advise on any alternative solutions that we are aware of. We will always advise the claimant of their right to seek independent advice, to follow our official complaints procedure, and to eventually approach the Housing Ombudsman if they are still dissatisfied. The claim will be closed once the appropriate decision letter has been sent.
  13. When upholding a claim, the claim will be closed once payment has been made.
  • All claims will be investigated fully, fairly and consistently across the group of WM Housing organisations.
  • Discretionary compensation claims will be considered for some inconveniences, out of pocket expenses, failure to provide services to the correct standard, and loss of or damage to belongings.
  • There is no guarantee that any claim will be settled in favour of the claimant. Only claims where WM Housing has been found to have acted outside of their set service standards, policies and procedures will have settlements considered.
  • It is the responsibility of the claimant to provide all relevant information and evidence where necessary. We expect to receive any information requested within 12 weeks.
  • All claims found in favour of the claimant are settled on an Indemnity basis, which is commonly known as “like for like” – not “new for old”. This means that in some cases we may advise the claimant that they could benefit more from claiming on whatever home contents insurance policy they hold.
  • Any settlements agreed upon will be credited to rent accounts where possible. In some cases, other payment methods may be considered and this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. These decisions may be conditional.
  • In cases where we cannot be held liable for the inconvenience, claims for discretionary compensation will be denied. Where possible, we will try to support the claimant with advice or signposting to help them find alternative solutions to their issue.
  • It is against the law to submit multiple claims for one incident. You must make us aware of any claim you have in with your home contents insurer or any third party such as contractors.
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