It is your responsibility to make sure that you look after your home and not deliberately damage it. We expect you to protect your home as though you had bought it yourself. In most cases your home will be worth £100,000 or more.

The responsibility for repairing and maintaining your home is shared between you and us. We take pride in maintaining our properties but we need your help to keep up these high standards. Some repairs are our responsibility we will try to carry out the repairs as quickly as possible and to a good standard. If the repairs are your responsibility we expect you to do the same.

  • We will offer you an appointment and aim to complete the work within 12 working days. For Family customers it is 31 calendar days.
  • Some jobs need specialist materials or contractors. If this is the case we will aim to complete these repairs within another 12 working days.
  • Emergency repairs are completed within 24 hours or made safe until a permanent repair is possible.
  • Planned maintenance is usually large repairs that we include on our programme of work. This is work such as painting communal areas or replacing roofs You will not normally need to ask for these repairs to be done as we do them automatically. However please contact us if you think any of this kind of work is overdue.
  • Urgent repairs for Family customers are completed within 7 calendar days.

If your repair is not an emergency, we can give you an appointment that is convenient to you during one of the following time slots:

  • Mornings – between 8am and 12.30pm.
  • Afternoons – between 12.30pm and 4.30pm.
  • School run, for customers who have school aged children – between 9.30am and 2.30pm (Not available to Family customers).
  • Evenings – between 4.30pm and 6.45pm (Not available to Family customers).

You are responsible for some repairs to your property. Some of these are set out in your tenancy agreement. However if you are not sure which repairs you are responsible for, please call our Customer Service Centre.

Examples of repairs you are responsible for:

  • Decoration inside your home
  • Maintaining and repairing cookers, washing machines and fridges (unless we have provided them). This includes installing them correctly
  • Maintaining fuses and electric plugs on appliances
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacing batteries in remote controls, battery operated alarms/timers and doorbells
  • Plugs and chains to baths, sinks and wash hand basins
  • TV aerials (unless communal)
  • Fences between gardens (except the privacy panel)
  • Replacing keys and locks if they are lost or stolen. Remember your home insurance may cover you
  • Damage caused by you, other residents or visitors
  • Minor repairs you can do yourself.

Sometimes we may do repairs that are your responsibility. We will charge you for the cost of this work. We call these rechargeable repairs. We may do this if the repair is needed to ensure yours or other people’s health and safety. Or to make the property secure, for example a lock change.

You will be expected to pay:

  • if a repair has been caused by neglect, accidental or deliberate damage, vandalism, or poor DIY by you, members of your household or visitors
  • if the damage has been cause by a pet
  • the cost of putting right any unauthorised alterations to your home
  • the cost of repairing damage caused by the police following a lawful raid at your home
  • any court costs, injunctions and legal fees incurred by us in relation to rechargeable repairs.

In most cases you will have to pay for the repair before we do it. However, you will be able to pay for certain repairs in instalments.

Here are the costs of some of the most common rechargeable repairs that we carry out.

 Cost of repairAllowed to pay in instalments?Max repayment period
Blocked hand basin, kitchen sink, bath waste or drains£60Yes6 months
Blocked toilet£60Yes6 months
Replace external door£600Yes12 months
Repair external door£60Yes6 months
Replace broken toilet pan£120Yes12 months
Some electrical repairs – bare wires, broken bulb fittings, broken plug sockets or light switches£60Yes6 months
Replace broken smoke alarm£60Yes6 months
Blocked drain / soil stacks£60Yes6 months
Board up£60Yes6 months
Re-glaze window – up to 3 panes£120Yes12 months
Re-glaze door – 1 or 2 panes£120Yes12 months
Gain entry£60No
Lock change (including garage locks)£60No
Replace internal door£120No
Repair internal door£60No
Replace broken hand wash basin£120No
Replace lost entry door fob£15No
Repair kitchen unit£60No
Replace bath panel£60No
Replace kitchen unit fitting£120No

If we are not sure if the repair is rechargeable, it will be treated as a rechargeable repair and passed to our contractor to complete. You will have to pay for the repair before the contractor comes out.

The contractor will carry out the repair and send a report to us confirming what has been done. We will then decide if it is a rechargeable repair. If it is not a rechargeable we will refund you the money you have paid. However, if you have rent arrears the refund will automatically be transferred to your rent account.

Some of the repairs we carry out in your home are done by our staff who work for a part of our organisation called HomeWorks. For other repairs we may use contractors to do the work for us, for example engineers to work on your gas central heating and specialist contractors for some of our planned programme of work.

Anyone who comes to work in your home must show you identification and tell you what work they are going to be doing. They should be polite, work tidily and complete the repair to a good standard.

Decorating inside your home is your responsibility. We are responsible for redecorating shared areas only.

We will not deal with rats, mice or other pests, but your local council’s environmental health team will but they may charge for this.

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