Supported housing annual report 2017

Meet the team

From left to right

Nasreen Essam, Doreen Owen and Sarah Beckett

  • Manage 11 agreements between Family Optima and our managing agents
  • Provide housing management to supported living customers
  • Manage two leases and two service level agreements
  • Monitor income and expenditure
  • Make sure we comply with health and safety regulations
  • 37 Supported housing properties
  • 263 units of accommodation
  • 4 care providers providing registered care
  • 6 support providers providing supported living
  • 8 managing agents providing supported housing
  • Annual fire risk assessments
  • Water safety inspections
  • Annual gas safety inspection
  • Periodic wiring inspection
  • Asbestos monitoring
  • People with learning and physical disabilities
  • People with mental ill health
  • People with visual impairment
  • People with autism
  • Women and children fleeing domestic abuse
  • Muslim women fleeing domestic abuse
  • Young homeless people
  • Older homeless men with dogs
  • People with a spinal injury
  • 100% supported living rental Income collected £255,735
  • 100% managing agent’s charges collected £346,478
  • Registered care contracts £451,680
  • Nursing care contracts £43,581.00
  • Total income £1,097,474
  • 100% satisfaction with repairs
  • All our fire risk assessments are up to date.
  • Occupancy levels high at 92%

How quality support can transform lives

Michael has been blind from birth and lived in a hospital where he had to fit into hospital routines. His meals and drinks were brought to him at allocated times. He didn’t show any emotion towards anyone.

Now after moving into our accommodation with support Michael moves around his home freely, he goes into the kitchen when he is hungry or thirsty. He has a social life which includes holidays, meals out, activity days and dancing to accordion music. He loves his new home and we can tell this by the smile on his face.

  • “I always feel safe and supported”
  • “I know there is always somebody there when I need them”
  • “I love my home”
  • “My opinions are always taken into account ”
  • “I now have a choice”
  • “My health has been better since I’ve lived here”
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